Read about Matt’s life changing transformation thanks to Invisalign which featured  in ‘Downtown in Business’.

Matt Raey got more than he bargained for when he looked in a shop window while walking through Leeds city centre. The 21 year old fashion retailer was about to have his life turned upside down in the best way possible.

On his way to work at a then small retail store in the city centre he had walked slap bang into an interactive campaign as part of National Smile Month and the Wakefield man had won free teeth straightening and whitening courtesy of Invisalign Technology and Dewsbury Road Orthodonitist, Dr Catherine McCanny, who guided him through the pain free process.

For the retail manager it couldn’t have come at a better time because he was so embarrassed about his protruding teeth.

Matt’s transformation started when he walked through the Thornton’s Arcade in Leeds where Invisalign had a pop up shop filming passers by as they looked into a talking mirror. As Matthew smiled at his own reflection the mirror started talking to him.

“I had been checking out my reflection in the shop window when a voice shouted ‘Hey You!’ I tried to play it cool, but the window kept showing me all these fun pictures – it was hard not to smile. Then all these people seemed to appear from nowhere, singing and clutching a huge bunch of flowers. I was amazed and really excited when they explained what it was all about.”

“I was so pleased, I had actually been looking into treatment myself. I didn’t like the look of traditional braces, but I really hated my smile, it made me feel so self-conscious, I never showed my teeth in photographs. People used to comment that I never smiled.

“Before Invisalign I honestly think I was a lot less confident than I am now. A few months into my treatment, I decided that I would apply for a promotion with a bigger company. My confidence had grown, and I’m sure a large part of that was because of how I felt about myself and my changing my smile. I’m so pleased I did go for the interview, I have now moved upwards with my career, I’m a deputy manager of a large retail shop managing 45 members of staff!”

And it wasn’t the only life change that hit Matt when he smiled in the window!

“People seem to comment about how lovely my teeth are all the time now, and not just my mum! I’ve just started dating someone, and how ‘lovely’ my teeth are, was one of the first things she ever said she noticed about me! “

Matt was treated by Dr Catherine McCanny at St Michaels Orthodontics in Wakefield:
“I am so pleased that Invisalign has made such an improvement to Matt’s smile. He has been incredibly dedicated throughout the course of his treatment, and ensured that he wore his aligners as often as directed. Matt has shared with me that Invisalign has really improved his self confidence in dealing with the general public.”

Carmel Harrison PR

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