Invisalign or fixed braces?

So you’ve made the decision to improve your smile but which brace is right for you? 

Here we give you the pros and cons of both Invisalign braces and fixed braces.



  • BPA-free almost invisible aligners so you can still feel at ease in social situations
  • No wires or brackets to rub
  • Removable
  • No problems with any food getting caught
  • No foods off limits
  • No changes are needed to maintain good oral health as the aligners are removed
  • Virtual 3D treatment can estimate length of treatment more accurately
  • Less risk of enamel decalcification cause by poor oral hygiene and brackets


  • Can initially affect speech
  • The aligners can be lost which has a cost implication



  • Better at treating more complex tooth movements
  • Cannot be removed so less self discipline is required
  • More types of brace available to suit your needs
  • The final tooth position is more precise with fixed braces


  • The wires and brackets can rub and cause discomfort
  • Some hard, sticky foods are off limits
  • Some foods can cause discolouration
  • Cleaning the teeth and brace requires more time and specially designed brushes

The decision to improve your smile is not one to be taken lightly; the expert team at St Michaels Orthodontics can guide you through the process. Call and arrange your free assessment with our Treatment Coordinator on 01924380680 or contact Dawn on You can also visit for more information.

Whatever your decision you won’t regret it!

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