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Orthodontist banishes nerves to create dazzling smiles for three Blushing Brides


BEING asked to create a dazzling white smile for a blushing bride is pressure enough, but for Catherine McCanny of St Michael’s Orthodontics, the pressure was tripled, when three brides-to-be contacted her Wakefield practice within weeks of each other, all wanting pearly whites for their big day.

Rather than being overwhelmed Catherine, and her all female team banished their own nerves at such a big ask and made sure there were no blushing brides on their big day, just beaming brides.

The job wasn’t straight forward though because all three had unique needs that made each case a race against time in the team’s bid to create dazzling white smiles that would be remembered for a long time.

Katy Young, nee Pargeter is a support worker in Leeds who was terrified of having tram lines in her mouth that clients might tease her about.

“I wasn’t vain but I noticed one particular tooth was starting to develop a life of its own moving further and further back. I love smiling, even worse I always pull funny faces in photographs but I was becoming more and more self conscious and didn’t want it to spoil my big day.

“I was a bit worried when Catherine explained that the treatment would last 18 months because I only had a year before my wedding. The St Michael’s team were great though. They made sure that the first part of the treatment was over and removed my invisible attachments a week before hand replacing them for the rest of the treatment after I came back from my honeymoon.

“The best part was everyone complimented my smile and no one realised I was undergoing treatment. Now my confidence is sky high and I am back to smiling as much as I ever did,” she said.

Gemma Peters was terrified at the prospect of a full metal brace. She needn’t have been. “At 25 and having booked my wedding I did not want to have to go through having a full metal brace fitted and I knew I would not have time for my teeth to be straightened, before my wedding.

“Sometimes you feel as if you’re just a number when you go for procedures like this; they just want to get you in and out. But they were really lovely at St Michael’s, always asking me about the wedding and how far I’d come along with the planning.

“I was so pleased with the result and felt really confident on my wedding day, both at the ceremony itself and at the reception at Bagden Hall.

Claire, who got married on August 20 at 315 Bar and Restaurant, Lepton, said: “I couldn’t stop smiling on my wedding day. My Mum said all I did was ‘flash my new teeth’ down the aisle and during the reception. It made a real difference on the close-up photos too and my teeth look so natural and lovely now.”

Dr Catherine McCanny admitted she had some nerves of her own when the three signed up for treatment within weeks of each other. “Every patient wants to be confident and look great, but it felt as though we were part of their wedding preparation team along with their mums, dress makers and make up artists.

“I am so delighted the girls all looked and felt great on their big day and afterwards.

The benefit of having Invisalign treatment is that there is scope to adapt the treatment if it is not complete in time for an important event. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners which move the teeth step by step into their correct position. The technology means that the end result can be digitally planned. St Michaels is the first practice in Yorkshire to have the newest iTero scanner, which allowing patients to visualize the end result within minutes of having a scan of their teeth. As an introductory offer to all our patients we offer a complimentary scan. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment.

For more about the practice or the treatments offered, go to www.stmichaelsorthodontics.co.uk

Caption: Katy Young ( nee Pargeter) on her wedding day


– See more at: http://topicuk.co.uk/orthodontist-ban-blushing-brides/#sthash.eqC2JzXU.dpuf


Invisalign® Questions for your consultation.



What you should ask your Invisalign Provider.

Now it is time to talk more in-depth about treatment options with your local Invisalign Provider. Past patients have found the following list of questions useful, as not all Invisalign Providers offer the same treatments.

Questions for your dental provider.

• What is your level of experience in treating patients with Invisalign?

• If other treatment options are presented how would they suit my needs?

• Have previous patients enjoyed any Invisalign benefits in particular?

• Have you treated cases similar to mine in the past?

• Can I talk to any of your past and/or existing patients?

• How long should I expect to be in treatment to achieve my desired results?

• How long would I expect to be in treatment with traditional braces to fix the same issues?

• How much does your practice charge for Invisalign for a case similar to mine?

• Do you offer flexible payment plans to your patients?

Ready to take the next step? Contact our expert team on orthodontictc@gmail.com or 01924 380680 and make your dream smile a reality!

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A perfect smile for a beautiful bride!

If you still aren’t convinced that Invisalign is the right solution for you before your big day, read Katy’s blog and then decide! I think you’ll agree with us that she looks stunning!


I’ve never been particularly vain, but after a recent holiday I was appalled to notice how much my teeth had moved over the last year without me really being aware. One tooth in particular seemed to be twisting and heading towards the back of my head on some mystery exploration known only to him. And then my other half popped the question and my paranoia increased ten fold. A year before the wedding I finally approached my dentist for advice and I was referred to St Michael’s Orthodontics and I found myself having a consultation with the lovely staff there. Being 28, I wasn’t keen on having “tram tracks” which I still associate with teenagers, and being in a customer focused job, I didn’t want more attention bringing to my wandering teeth, so I went with Invisalign. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive after hearing stories of other adults having braces and being in agony but the calm reassurance of the team at St Michael’s soon put me at ease.

At first, braces feel weird and do take some getting used to. You do need to be a little organised too with regards to carrying floss and mouthwash when eating away from home. The ability to take them out for a rest was a god send and meant that they weren’t too painful; just a little bit tight. As a bride, the braces were brilliant for the pre-wedding diet; you have to leave the braces in for 22 hours out of every 24, and whilst wearing them you can only consume water and if you can avoid binging in the two hours you’re not wearing them, slimming down is a doddle. Win!

Although you may be conscious of wearing braces, no one else can tell and I have some brutally honest friends who I tried this out on! People were shocked when I admitted to wearing braces; they really were that invisible. The other big benefit is that for my hen do, the lovely team took off my attachments (the little cement blobs put on your teeth to make the braces work) so that I was brace free. My teeth weren’t completely finished by my wedding (they were beautiful but not perfect and the St Michael’s team are perfectionists!) so the team left me without braces until after my honeymoon before doing some final adjustments. This flexibility meant I did not panic about having to wear braces on my big day.

I was amazed at how quickly my teeth straightened and how easy and pain free it was. My photographer kept making great comments about my smile and I have never felt more confident that my smile really was dazzling. I am so glad that I got braces, my photos looked amazing and it was such a simple procedure to go through. I have a number of friends now asking questions about Invisalign and considering it for themselves as they have been that impressed by my results. The St Michael’s Team have been amazing and supportive throughout, and their facilities are brilliant. They have provided reassurance and expert advise throughout and I always felt well looked after. If you’re in any doubt please book a consultation and get some advice; I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by the results they’ll get!

KP1 Photos courtesy of David Webb Wedding Photographer

Invisalign special offer

One day special event


 Wednesday 13th April






A saving of over £900!

CALL 01924 380680 or e-mail orthodontictc@gmail.com to reserve your place.

Introducing the iTero® Element™ 


St Michaels Orthodontics Ltd offers the latest in scanning technology. This enables us to produce a simulated outcome, which will give you a preview of possible results which can be achieved after treatment. It offers a better experience for patients by eliminating the need for messy impressions and reducing the waiting time from the initial scan to the fitting of your aligners by up to 50%.

*applies to patients who sign up on the night

A glimpse at your future perfect smile

itero 1

Have you ever wondered what your teeth would look like if you had orthodontic treatment? With our new itero scanner you can do just that.

This new technology enables us to take a digital scan of your teeth and to produce a simulation of how your teeth could look. This exciting technology is now available at our practice and we are offering this service free of charge.

This means we no longer have to take impressions for Invisalign treatment. The fit of the aligners is more predictable and we can start your treatment much sooner than before. Why wait till tomorrow to start creating the beautiful smile you have always wanted?




Read about Matt’s life changing transformation thanks to Invisalign which featured  in ‘Downtown in Business’.

Matt Raey got more than he bargained for when he looked in a shop window while walking through Leeds city centre. The 21 year old fashion retailer was about to have his life turned upside down in the best way possible.

On his way to work at a then small retail store in the city centre he had walked slap bang into an interactive campaign as part of National Smile Month and the Wakefield man had won free teeth straightening and whitening courtesy of Invisalign Technology and Dewsbury Road Orthodonitist, Dr Catherine McCanny, who guided him through the pain free process.

For the retail manager it couldn’t have come at a better time because he was so embarrassed about his protruding teeth.

Matt’s transformation started when he walked through the Thornton’s Arcade in Leeds where Invisalign had a pop up shop filming passers by as they looked into a talking mirror. As Matthew smiled at his own reflection the mirror started talking to him.

“I had been checking out my reflection in the shop window when a voice shouted ‘Hey You!’ I tried to play it cool, but the window kept showing me all these fun pictures – it was hard not to smile. Then all these people seemed to appear from nowhere, singing and clutching a huge bunch of flowers. I was amazed and really excited when they explained what it was all about.”

“I was so pleased, I had actually been looking into treatment myself. I didn’t like the look of traditional braces, but I really hated my smile, it made me feel so self-conscious, I never showed my teeth in photographs. People used to comment that I never smiled.

“Before Invisalign I honestly think I was a lot less confident than I am now. A few months into my treatment, I decided that I would apply for a promotion with a bigger company. My confidence had grown, and I’m sure a large part of that was because of how I felt about myself and my changing my smile. I’m so pleased I did go for the interview, I have now moved upwards with my career, I’m a deputy manager of a large retail shop managing 45 members of staff!”

And it wasn’t the only life change that hit Matt when he smiled in the window!

“People seem to comment about how lovely my teeth are all the time now, and not just my mum! I’ve just started dating someone, and how ‘lovely’ my teeth are, was one of the first things she ever said she noticed about me! “

Matt was treated by Dr Catherine McCanny at St Michaels Orthodontics in Wakefield:
“I am so pleased that Invisalign has made such an improvement to Matt’s smile. He has been incredibly dedicated throughout the course of his treatment, and ensured that he wore his aligners as often as directed. Matt has shared with me that Invisalign has really improved his self confidence in dealing with the general public.”

Carmel Harrison PR

New to braces? Here are some meal ideas to get you started!


To celebrate #BreakfastWeek we’ve put together some ideas that are great for all our brace wearers out there!


Porriage or weetbix with cinnamon and banana (Don’t be adding sugar!)

Oats soaked in yogurt with grated apple and soft berries

Scrambled egg with beans

Smoothie (we love banana and mango!)

Pancakes with mushrooms and poached egg


Cooked pasta with cucumber, tomato pepper (chopped into small pieces) with mayonnaise and chicken

Tuna salad

Homemade soup

Baked potato with cottage cheese and salad

Egg mayonnaise on soft bread


Spaghetti Bolognese

Mashed potato, stewed beef and cabbage

Chilli and rice

Macaroni cheese

Teriyaki salmon and noodles


Meatballs and pasta

Foods to avoid while wearing your brace:

  • Hard nuts, hard fruits
  • Crisps
  • Crusty bread
  • Pizza crust
  • Sticky stuff like chewing gum and toffees
  • Foods high in acidity lemons, limes and sodas.
  • Hard fruit and vegetables should be cut into bite size pieces not bitten.


So your on your way to a new smile! Follow these 6 essential steps to ensure that you maintain excellent oral hygiene. Plaque left on tooth surfaces can cause irreversible damage called decalcification. These white ‘chalky marks’ are not caused by the brace but by ineffective tooth brushing during treatment.



  • 3-4 times a day – Tooth brushing is very important! Brush on a morning, an evening (before bed) and after every meal. This means you will have to clean your teeth during school/work hours. Make sure you brush all your tooth surfaces and get in and around the brackets efficiently. Don’t forget to brush your gums!
  • Brush for at least 2 minutes each time



  • There are two types of brushes you will need to clean your teeth thoroughly. The first is and orthodontic toothbrush – It has a ‘V’ shape, designed to go around the brackets. The second one is called an interdental brush
  • This is essential to clean between the brackets and under the wire
  • The places your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months to ensure your teeth are getting the best clean.

flos HB0032VS_3


  • Use fluoride toothpaste, it doesn’t matter which one as long as it contains fluoride. Use a pea sized amount on your toothbrush.


  • A fluoride mouthwash is recommended to keep the enamel of the teeth strong when the fixed appliance is in place. This should be used every night at a different time to brushing.
  • Hold it in the mouth for a fill minute and ‘swish’ around for it to reach all areas of your mouth.
  • This is NOT a substitute for tooth brushing!


  • It might seem like you can’t floss whilst your braces are on, but you can. You can get special flossing products for when you’re wearing your orthodontic appliance
  • These include interdental brushes and floss threaders. You can do this at least once a day.


  • If you or your orthodontist feels like you aren’t brushing your teeth correctly these are perfect for showing you the places that you have missed.
  • Simply chew the tablet and ‘swish’ it round your mouth for a few seconds and it will colour the areas of your teeth and gums that you have missed. You can then brush away the areas that you haven’t reached. Do this a 1-2 times a week to keep you on top of your brushing and keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Remember to put Vaseline on your lips to avoid dying your lips a bright colour!

By following these 6 simple rules you can ensure a wonderful new smile.

10 top reasons to smile

smile 1  
  1. 1. Smiling makes us attractive   There is a huge attraction factor to those who smile, we are drawn to them! Frowns and unhappy people push people away, so keep smiling.
  2. 2. Smiling relieves stress  When we are stressed it really shows up in our faces. Smiling can help us! When you’re stressed try your best to keep smiling and you will defiantly see a change in how you feel. It prevents you from looking tired, run down or upset. It makes other people think you are happy and you will feel a lot happier in yourself.
  3. 3. Smiling changes our mood  Next time you are feeling down, try putting on a smile. There’s a good chance you mood will change for the better. Smiling can trick the body into helping you change your mood.
  4. 4. Smiling is contagious  When someone is smiling; straight away they lighten up the room and make things more positive. If someone is smiling and seems a really happy person, it will make you want to smile as well. It changes the moods of others as a smiling person brings happiness with them. Make sure you smile lots and you will draw people too you!
  5. 5. Smiling boosts your immune system  When you smile you are more relaxed so your immune function can improve. Smile and you could prevent certain virus like cold and flu.
  6. 6. Smiling lowers your blood pressure  See if you notice a difference? Sit down at home and take a reading of your blood pressure. Spend the day smiling and measure your blood pressure after. You should see a reduction in your blood pressure, give it a try!
  7. 7. Smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin  Smiling is a natural drug, it releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin and together these make us feel a lot better in our selves.
  8. 8. Smiling lifts the face and makes you look younger  No one needs to go for the expense of a face lift, just smile! Smiling will use muscles to lift your face and make you feel and look younger.
  9. 9. Smiling makes you seem successful  Smiling people appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted, and more likely to be approached. Put on a smile at meetings and appointments and people will react to you differently.
  10. 10. Smiling helps you stay positive Try this test: Smile. Now try to think of something negative without losing the smile. It’s hard. When we smile our body is sending the rest of us a message that “Life is good!” Stay away from depression, stress and worry by smiling.

National Smile Month – Local schools brush up on their knowledge on the importance of good oral hygiene!

The UK’s largest and longest running oral health campaign is on its way. National smile month takes place between May 18th and June 18th and is the perfect opportunity to educate the local community on how important Oral Health is. It’s a time for as many people as   possible to get involved in this jam packed, fun month where hundreds of events and activities will take place.
Here at St Michaels Orthodontics we think it is very important for everyone to have a good understanding on how important good oral health is, especially young children! We feel if children learn young then hopefully in the future there will be a lower percentage of adults with dental problems. Two members of staff here at St Michaels, Katie and Kate, make regular visits to local schools and present a talk on oral hygiene, braces and ourselves at St Michaels Orthodontics. Recently they have visited 3 different classes, one at Flushdyke Junior and Infant School and two at Towngate School. They came back with such great feedback on how much the children and teachers learnt from the talk! They were amazed how much they learnt, two minutes of brushing is actually a very long time! Also who’d of thought flavored water contained so much sugar? The children and teachers won’t be drinking that as much anymore! The children loved getting involved and learning about how the brush their teeth properly, what to use, what’s good and what’s bad for your teeth and the consequences if good oral hygiene doesn’t take place.
  school talk 3school talk 2school talk 4
There are so many ways of getting yourself, your team and your friends involved. Why not select a few people and do a sponsored leg wax or create an eye catching display full of posters and information. Why not do a smileathron? Here at St Michaels Orthodontics we love taking as many pictures (selfies) as we can with the national smile month smilies. It’s a fun and easy way of taking part. You could even get your hands dirty and get all creative baking some tasty little treats to sell and raise money. Last year the staff at St Michaels did a full week of baking and raised a great amount of money for this event. Our therapist Katie and her nurse Kate also set up a cart at our local shopping centre handing out leaflets, toothpaste samples, balloons and pens as well as stopping shoppers walking past and having a quick chat about the importance of good Oral Health. There’s so much to do so there’s no excuse to not take part!   bun pj buns Continue reading