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A perfect smile for a beautiful bride!

If you still aren’t convinced that Invisalign is the right solution for you before your big day, read Katy’s blog and then decide! I think you’ll agree with us that she looks stunning!


I’ve never been particularly vain, but after a recent holiday I was appalled to notice how much my teeth had moved over the last year without me really being aware. One tooth in particular seemed to be twisting and heading towards the back of my head on some mystery exploration known only to him. And then my other half popped the question and my paranoia increased ten fold. A year before the wedding I finally approached my dentist for advice and I was referred to St Michael’s Orthodontics and I found myself having a consultation with the lovely staff there. Being 28, I wasn’t keen on having “tram tracks” which I still associate with teenagers, and being in a customer focused job, I didn’t want more attention bringing to my wandering teeth, so I went with Invisalign. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive after hearing stories of other adults having braces and being in agony but the calm reassurance of the team at St Michael’s soon put me at ease.

At first, braces feel weird and do take some getting used to. You do need to be a little organised too with regards to carrying floss and mouthwash when eating away from home. The ability to take them out for a rest was a god send and meant that they weren’t too painful; just a little bit tight. As a bride, the braces were brilliant for the pre-wedding diet; you have to leave the braces in for 22 hours out of every 24, and whilst wearing them you can only consume water and if you can avoid binging in the two hours you’re not wearing them, slimming down is a doddle. Win!

Although you may be conscious of wearing braces, no one else can tell and I have some brutally honest friends who I tried this out on! People were shocked when I admitted to wearing braces; they really were that invisible. The other big benefit is that for my hen do, the lovely team took off my attachments (the little cement blobs put on your teeth to make the braces work) so that I was brace free. My teeth weren’t completely finished by my wedding (they were beautiful but not perfect and the St Michael’s team are perfectionists!) so the team left me without braces until after my honeymoon before doing some final adjustments. This flexibility meant I did not panic about having to wear braces on my big day.

I was amazed at how quickly my teeth straightened and how easy and pain free it was. My photographer kept making great comments about my smile and I have never felt more confident that my smile really was dazzling. I am so glad that I got braces, my photos looked amazing and it was such a simple procedure to go through. I have a number of friends now asking questions about Invisalign and considering it for themselves as they have been that impressed by my results. The St Michael’s Team have been amazing and supportive throughout, and their facilities are brilliant. They have provided reassurance and expert advise throughout and I always felt well looked after. If you’re in any doubt please book a consultation and get some advice; I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by the results they’ll get!

KP1 Photos courtesy of David Webb Wedding Photographer