Orthodontist banishes nerves to create dazzling smiles for three Blushing Brides


BEING asked to create a dazzling white smile for a blushing bride is pressure enough, but for Catherine McCanny of St Michael’s Orthodontics, the pressure was tripled, when three brides-to-be contacted her Wakefield practice within weeks of each other, all wanting pearly whites for their big day.

Rather than being overwhelmed Catherine, and her all female team banished their own nerves at such a big ask and made sure there were no blushing brides on their big day, just beaming brides.

The job wasn’t straight forward though because all three had unique needs that made each case a race against time in the team’s bid to create dazzling white smiles that would be remembered for a long time.

Katy Young, nee Pargeter is a support worker in Leeds who was terrified of having tram lines in her mouth that clients might tease her about.

“I wasn’t vain but I noticed one particular tooth was starting to develop a life of its own moving further and further back. I love smiling, even worse I always pull funny faces in photographs but I was becoming more and more self conscious and didn’t want it to spoil my big day.

“I was a bit worried when Catherine explained that the treatment would last 18 months because I only had a year before my wedding. The St Michael’s team were great though. They made sure that the first part of the treatment was over and removed my invisible attachments a week before hand replacing them for the rest of the treatment after I came back from my honeymoon.

“The best part was everyone complimented my smile and no one realised I was undergoing treatment. Now my confidence is sky high and I am back to smiling as much as I ever did,” she said.

Gemma Peters was terrified at the prospect of a full metal brace. She needn’t have been. “At 25 and having booked my wedding I did not want to have to go through having a full metal brace fitted and I knew I would not have time for my teeth to be straightened, before my wedding.

“Sometimes you feel as if you’re just a number when you go for procedures like this; they just want to get you in and out. But they were really lovely at St Michael’s, always asking me about the wedding and how far I’d come along with the planning.

“I was so pleased with the result and felt really confident on my wedding day, both at the ceremony itself and at the reception at Bagden Hall.

Claire, who got married on August 20 at 315 Bar and Restaurant, Lepton, said: “I couldn’t stop smiling on my wedding day. My Mum said all I did was ‘flash my new teeth’ down the aisle and during the reception. It made a real difference on the close-up photos too and my teeth look so natural and lovely now.”

Dr Catherine McCanny admitted she had some nerves of her own when the three signed up for treatment within weeks of each other. “Every patient wants to be confident and look great, but it felt as though we were part of their wedding preparation team along with their mums, dress makers and make up artists.

“I am so delighted the girls all looked and felt great on their big day and afterwards.

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Caption: Katy Young ( nee Pargeter) on her wedding day


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