Invisalign® Questions for your consultation.



What you should ask your Invisalign Provider.

Now it is time to talk more in-depth about treatment options with your local Invisalign Provider. Past patients have found the following list of questions useful, as not all Invisalign Providers offer the same treatments.

Questions for your dental provider.

• What is your level of experience in treating patients with Invisalign?

• If other treatment options are presented how would they suit my needs?

• Have previous patients enjoyed any Invisalign benefits in particular?

• Have you treated cases similar to mine in the past?

• Can I talk to any of your past and/or existing patients?

• How long should I expect to be in treatment to achieve my desired results?

• How long would I expect to be in treatment with traditional braces to fix the same issues?

• How much does your practice charge for Invisalign for a case similar to mine?

• Do you offer flexible payment plans to your patients?

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